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On May 31, the 87th session of the Texas Legislation came to a close with lots left undone and speculations of a special session from both sides and a threat from the Governor.  As of this newsletter being sent, there is not an official date for a special session(s) but we will keep you updated as we find out.  There are a few items that we are hoping will be covered in the special session and we will be asking for you to write to the Governor asking for consideration.

Until then, Shelly Masters, our Association Attorney, from Cokinos Young has complied an update from the regular session.

June 2021.Cokinos.Construction Law Bills Legislative Update 

Considering everything the legislation had to deal with at the last minute with energy issues, we were very excited about the big wins on SB 219 on Design Defects and HB 2237 on Lien Reform.  BIG THANKS to Texas Construction Association for all their hard work to get things passed this session!!!  The TCA team worked tirelessly to keep our bills moving forward and in the end made changes to help you and your business!