Part 3 – DOT Legal Defense and Wrap-up                                              Wednesday, September 30th                                                                                   via Zoom Call hosted by:                                                                             Executive Director: Wendy Lambert                                                        Speakers: Mike Fletcher                                                                                             Chris Agness, Waterloo Insurance

We had hoped to have Waterloo Insurance’s DOT consultant speak to the group at our April meeting in person but are excited that Mike Fletcher is coming to us via Zoom.  Join us for a discussion about all the things company vehicles and more.  After talking with our speakers, we decided to break our recent town hall into three parts to give better focus to each segment.  Three part series was designed to assist fleet Managers and help them to understand CSA scores and how they can impact insurability as well as defensibility in the event of a lawsuit.

  1. Roadside Inspections. This segment will cover one of the initial aspects of CSA Scoring. What they are, how they are done, various inspection level, etc. How information obtained from these inspections is recorded in the FMCSA SAFER System. <This information presented on July 22nd.  Contact on how to get this presentation>
  2. CSA SAFER Reports. How to access and understand the data provided.
  3. How to aid your company in operating a safer fleet thereby helping to ensure vehicle Insurability & potentially aid in legal defense.

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TCA Talks Elections and Legislative 87th Session                                              Tuesday, October 13th                                                                                              via Zoom Call hosted by:                                                                              Executive Director: Wendy Lambert                                                          Speaker: Jennifer Fagan, Texas Construction Association                                                                                           

We have less than 50 days until the November 3rd election and so much information coming at us from various news outlets.  Do you want an update on what candidates are the most construction friendly and/or have supported our bills in the past?  Jennifer will cover that along with information about TCA’s current issues they are focusing on and what it will mostly likely look like for session starting in January.  TCA is still planning on their Walk on the Capitol and that will possibly look different too but we still need to connect with our representatives.  Here’s your quick update on all those things in one place without leaving your desk.  Join us on the 13th!

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PPP Loan & 2020 Tax Update by CD Bradshaw                                         Tuesday, November 10th                                                                                             via Zoom Call hosted by:                                                                              Executive Director: Wendy Lambert                                                          Speaker: Carrie Bradshaw, CD Bradshaw                                                                                         

Are you still waiting for information on how to file for PPP loan forgiveness?  Are you unsure of what tax filing will look like in January?  What about the payroll tax break that President Trump keeps talking about?  Join us for all the details and information from CPA and association member Carrie Bradshaw.  If you have questions you want to see if Carrie can answer then please email them to

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  • Dec 8th: Holiday Lunch Online Event

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