About Us

A few facts about CTSA that you might not know:



  • We are made up of 85 member companies representing over 6,500 employees
  • Our main goal is to help the subcontractor.
  • The CTSA advocates for subcontractor rights at the State Capitol through Texas Construction Association.
  • You learn tactics to negotiate contract clauses.
  • Network with your peers, a reservoir of the best local wisdom on how to do business and who to do it with.
  • Quarterly newsletter and website to keep you informed  of Association activities
  • Monthly speakers educate you on a broad range of topics.
  • An annual golf tournament that is lots of fun and great way to network
  • Member benefits including Texas Mutual Workers Comp discount program, Texas Construction Trust Workers Comp self insurance program, Payroll cash cards, and Career Center.
  • Texas Mutual Texas Construction Association Purchase group – A dues paying, contractor member of CTSA qualifies for the TCA Workers Comp Purchase Group underwritten by Texas Mutual Insurance Company.  The program offers the following benefits to policy holders in the group:
    • Additional premium discounts increased to 10.9%
    •  Insured rates are based on their own individual loss experience and experience modifier, not “pooled” with the bulk of the group.
    •  Policy holder not only qualifies for their own dividend payment from Texas Mutual, but also a SECOND dividend check payable based on the size and performance of the group.  The most recent dividend payout to the group members was over $2,250,000 among the members.
    •  Insured’s qualify for an additional Health Care Network discount of 12% for participation.
    •  Group members qualify for specific safety and loss prevention tools available to them to help keep their employees safe, get them back to work after an injury or accident, and keep their costs down.
  • You find out which GCs you do and don’t want to work with through our business information discussion (BID).